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    Featured as a must-stop 'On The Road'

    The restaurant’s best sandwich is like a Middle Eastern burger: a spicy beef-and-lamb patty topped with tzatziki, tomato and herbs…

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  • Washingtonian Cheap Eats 2012

    Sundevich represents in the annual list of the area’s best bargain restaurants

    This mottled-brick sandwich shop—hidden behind consulting chef Dan O’Brien’s Seasonal Pantry market—is a nice change of pace from the usual sub chains and cookie-cutter delis that dominate the workday lunch scene. The kitchen, outfitted with a grill, takes inspiration from around the globe, crafting hefty sandwiches inspired by cities from Madrid to Tehran.

    We go for the Kingston, fiery jerk chicken cooled with pineapple salsa and garlic mayo, and the Havana, which boasts excellent roast pork. There’s only a handful of seats at a communal table, so if you’re not heading back to the office just yet, grab a patch of grass in nearby Logan Circle.

    Also good: Istanbul sandwich with a ground lamb-and-beef skewer and tzatziki; Saigon, a bánh mì with chicken-liver mousse and pork terrine; hummus.

    Also mentioned in the 2011 Cheap Eats Article

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  • Serving Sandwiches in Washington - With an 'International Accent'

    Voice of America's Arash Arabasadi reports that one Iranian-American business owner has put a twist on a classic Western cuisine, and the international flavor of "SunDeVich" goes beyond just the name of his restaurant.
  • Voted Best Sandwich in DC

    The results are in from last week’s completely unscientific National Sandwich Day poll. The question we asked was, “Who makes the best sandwiches in the D.C. area?”

    Who makes D.C.’s best sandwich? It’s a landslide
    By Alex Baldinger

    The results are in from last week’s completely unscientific National Sandwich Day poll. The question we asked was, “Who makes the best sandwiches in the D.C. area?”

    Well, it was a total landslide: After 2,162 votes, the runaway winner was SUNdeVICH…at 35 percent! Taylor Gourmet was the runner-up with 18 percent, while the Italian Store finished third with 11 percent.

    It’s worth noting that there was no one-person, one-vote rule in play here. But despite having a weird name and being notoriously hard to find (it’s located in a converted garage in an alley near the Convention Center), SUNdeVICH is deserving of the honor, making globally-inspired sandwiches that are nonpareil in this town; where else will you find beef tongue, mustard and pickled vegetables on a baguette around here?

    Fast Gourmet finished with just 3 percent of the vote, a shockingly-low total for a place that, despite being situated in a gas station, has won unrestrained, euphoric raves from bloggers and food critics alike.

    Also receiving write-in votes: Jetties, Cornercopia and Le Petit Corner Store (thanks @Infinite_Jests, @GarberDC and @jmansour).

    Here’s the full list of results:

    A.M. Wine Shoppe: 3%
    Booeymonger: 3%
    The Butcher’s Block: 7%
    Earl’s Sandwiches: 2%
    Fast Gourmet: 3%
    G Street Food: 1%
    The Italian Store: 11%
    Mangialardo and Sons: 7%
    SUNdeVICH: 35%
    Taylor Gourmet: 18%
    Wagshal’s: 3%
    Other: 7%

    Total votes: 2,162

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  • The Sundevich Sandwich Showdown!

    Our friends at DC's famous sandwich shop let the gang of Inside America take over for an afternoon...

    This is the video you’ve all been drooling over… the Sundevich Sandwich Showdown!

    Our friends at DC’s famous sandwich shop let the gang of Inside America take over for an afternoon.
    They went head-to-head, and the winner’s sammy became a limited time offer!

    You may want to get a snack before… because you’re gonna be hungry after.

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  • A World of Sandwiches

    The Post stops by to check out the goods and reflect on their experience

    Just a block from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Ali Bagheri is serving gourmet sandwiches from a converted garage beneath his apartment in Shaw. Sundevich is a modest counter-service operation with a menu of 11 carefully considered sandwich creations and a handful of house-made salads and sides.

    The month-old establishment is built around a philosophy that favors working with small local growers and producers instead of corporate food service giants. Bagheri, who has cooked at Equinox and Jaleo, is a partner at the nearby Seasonal Pantry, a boutique market and grocery, which helps him keep the sandwich shop stocked with what’s fresh and local.

    On the menu: The sandwich selection at Sundevich features a variety of global flavors. Bagheri cooks in a small, open kitchen he designed himself. His setup – a grill, broiler and range – would be minimal for a regular restaurant, but it allows a great deal of flexibility for sandwich assembly. Most meat is cooked to order, so at any given time there might be kebabs on the broiler and skirt steak on the grill.

    The Jamaican-inspired Kingston is a standout. Warm and spicy jerk chicken is the only protein not cooked a la minute, but the time it spends soaking up the flavors of the allspice and habanero-heavy spice mix is well worth the (not long) wait. The island spices play perfectly with the salsa, spicy slaw and garlic mayo that share space in the crusty baguette.

    Vegetarians will be happy here. Three of the 11 options are vegetarian, and the Cairo is vegan. These aren’t boring, flavorless grilled-vegetable affairs. The Cairo matches bright house-brined vegetables with hummus, cucumber and walnuts; the Isfahan features a rich souffle of spinach, mushroom, walnuts and barberries (tart red berries popular in Persian cuisine); the familiar combo of fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato is elevated in the Capri with garden-fresh ingredients and a balsamic reduction.

    If there is a point of contention at Sundevich, it might be the bread. I like a good, crusty baguette, but some of my dining companions have found it a little tough. Bagheri explains that the crust lets the rolls, which are from Canela Bakery in Gaithersburg, stand up to the shop’s freshly cooked ingredients: “We actually air them out on racks so that they develop that thick crust,” he says. “The meat coming off the grill is really juicy, and the bread needs to be able to absorb that.”

    On the side: Sundevich’s sides and salads are prepared and packaged each morning before the shop opens. The salads are made with fresh produce and are quite simple compared with the more-imaginative sandwich options. The sides are often just as good as the main attractions. Try the spicy slaw, which lives up to its name, and the thick, creamy potato salad.

    Hit the road: Is a food truck in his future? In addition to catering, Bagheri says he would like to look into selling his sandwiches to a wider audience by way of a mobile kitchen.

    Bottom line: For a quick takeout lunch or an easy after-work meal, Sundevich is a great neighborhood sandwich spot.

    By Justin Rude

    Friday, Aug 26, 2011

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